We recognise that all of our clients have different needs, and that the best solution for each set of customer conversations can be a different mix of communications tools.

Our key strength, and the essence of everymessage solutions, is our ability to interconnect all your communications options to best suit your individual needs. Using the tools and infrastructure you have, merged with our unique software solutions, we can harness the right channels in the most effective way to deliver the best results and have the greatest beneficial impact on your business.

Whether it is SMS, e-mail, WEB Chat, social media, print and post, secure document, voice conversation, IVR or IVM, our intelligent solutions create the linkage for both outbound and inbound conversations and can seamlessly move between the channels to maximise the transactional outcome.

Workflow Orchestrator

Workflow Orchestrator is our software component that can either reside within your local IT estate or be hosted and supplied in a Cloud Platform as a Service (CPaaS) model. Workflow, through the simple drag-and-drop interface, is designed to quickly automate as many conversations or processes as possible, making your contact and collections easier to manage, more consistent, faster, and helping you to find ways to streamline repetitive and time-consuming work.

Workflow Orchestrator

Workflow Orchestrator offers the following key benefits:

1. Ease of Management

The system uses a simple drag and drop interface to manage communication channels, enabling future changes to content to be made easily and efficiently – regardless of the size or complexity of the design – using a set of templates within the standard toolkit.

2. Additional Channels

The platform supports omni-channel engagement and enables customers to be communicated with via SMS, email, letter, WEB chat, phone call, IVR and IVM from a single platform. And as new media formats become available and are possible to use in a secure environment, they are simply added to the channels available. These will include RCS, WhatsApp and potentially Messenger once ISO27001 and GDPR compliance are achieved.

3. Secure Documents and questionnaires

Letters can of course be delivered through the door in traditional print and post but combining this with our Secure Document Exchange product makes this faster, quicker and far less costly whilst questionnaires or forms are made easy to complete when delivered using everymessage Virtual App or Microsites– all fully integrated in to the Workflow Orchestrator toolkit for instant results and the ultimate way to reduce print costs.

4. Connectivity

Workflow Orchestrator enables integration with legacy databases and third-party web services (APIs) quickly and simply to collect data, write back results or communicate with other software (CRM). The toolkit includes a database transaction action to script data exchanges with any ODBC compliant database, and a simple Remote Query Action enables us to integrate with any third-party web interface with minimal development.

5. Orbit

Our agent desktop for contact centre users called Orbit, integrates and interfaces directly with Workflow Orchestrator and enables conversations (regardless of channel) to be transferred between the automated workflow and an agent for handling where appropriate.

6. Automated Payments

Our Payment Automation service is fully integrated into Workflow Orchestrator and enables our clients to make a simple connection to the payment provider of their choice. We already have integration in place with most of the largest payment gateways – including Worldpay, Sagepay, PayPal, VISA, Realex and PayPoint.

In addition, Workflow Orchestrator is future-proofed to harness the power of AI today and as it develops, utilising either our inbuilt AI tools or integrating with the latest developments from Google, Amazon LEX and Microsoft. These AI tools can initiate contact with customers and then respond appropriately to the reply – either with total autonomy or escalating the conversation to a human agent when necessary.

Everymessage AI and Workflow Orchestrator combine to deliver flexible, powerful and efficient tools for automated contact centre communications and the ultimate in client flexibility and performance, across any channel.

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