The communication challenge

As individuals, we instinctively choose the most appropriate way to get in touch with someone, based on the subject matter and the preferences of the person in question. For businesses that need to contact hundreds or thousands of people every week, these choices become more complicated. Emails can go unread, mobile numbers get changed, some people prefer human contact, whereas others prefer automated self-service. Getting it wrong risks losing customers, unengaged conversations and missed sales opportunities.

A philosophy based on flexibility

We believe that intelligently and automatically choosing the communication channel best suited to the individual customer is key to maximising opportunities and achieving business goals. Using a secure two-way communications process that can seamlessly move between channels, our solutions deliver better outcomes, more engaging conversations, and improved response rates.

Versatile and intelligent technology

We work with your existing databases, email systems and payment processing. Your customers can even switch channels – e.g. SMS to mobile web Chat or email – mid-transaction, and our system will handle it smoothly, presenting all conversation threads in one simple screen for your agents. Everyone is on the same page, wherever they are in the world, as our system provides real time updates and detailed reporting.

A consultative approach to development

Our product development team is made up of engineers and programmers who are passionate about cutting edge innovations in communications and IT. We take a consultative approach to development and integration, and this combination provides guidance to our partners to adapt initial ideas and leverage the successes of existing deployments so that we can provide highly robust and target solutions every time.

Improving your response rates and reducing your costs

Our goals are to help you to leverage the latest digital communication methods, drive efficiencies, improve response rates and reduce costs – while ensuring that more traditional methods of contact are maintained for those that require or choose to use them. We don’t expect our customers to share our geeky love for the technologies that drive our systems, but if you want to know more, please do ask!

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