While the everymessage focus continues to be on providing class leading Omni-Channel digital solutions, many of our Clients still use voice, and due to the success they have found using our IVR solution and the automation and enhancements offered from everymessage AI, many are now wanting Orbit to become their seamless agent platform.

During 2018, everymessage will integrate with various Voice Platforms, including Avaya, utilising the power of everymessage Workflow and Orbit, to provide clients the ability to initiate outbound calls, and route inbound calls, utilising WebRTC protocols to optimise their existing telephony platforms for an OTT pop-up softphone or CTI to control traditional phones.

Developing IVR into complete Contact Centre solution

Orbit is already proving an extremely powerful and capable IVR solution, used by our clients to provide their customers with self-service functionality such as checking a balance, changing card details or making a payment and efficiently managing customer ID and Verification.

Extending this across the voice channel for both outbound and inbound calls, brings together the complete Contact Centre agent solution and recognises that some customers still prefer to speak in person. Inbound calls can benefit from the same initial IVR ID and Verification and then intelligent and automated routing for calls to the agent who was last in the conversation.

Even more proactive support for agents

Voice tools will extend to enabling agents to launch calls directly from a consumer’s contact in Orbit with click-to-dial, launch automated reminder calls for an appointment that has been scheduled automatically from a previous conversation and add notes and a recording of the call directly to the customers activity history – completing the conversational circle.

By adding voice and the ability to record and code the outcome of every conversation, digital or voice, everymessage Workflow and AI solutions will then proactively help you to automatically follow-up.

For more information and to register your interest in integrated Voice solutions, please follow this link.

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