As consumers become increasingly used to interacting with businesses via mobile devices, the challenge for any organisation hoping to improve customer engagement is to provide an environment which makes the interaction as seamless and efficient as possible.

Apps that don’t need to be installed on the customers’ device

Furthermore, as consumers are now familiar with the concept of using apps for a wide range of activities, from online banking to gaming, it makes sense for businesses to place that interaction within the apparent framework of an app. However, the principal difference employed by everymessage is that we design “Virtual Apps” which do not need to be downloaded and installed on the consumers’ device, and instead sit within our clients’ servers to maintain data security.

Versatile solutions, with detailed reporting

Our wide range of custom designed Virtual Apps and Microsites can be used as part of an integrated solution with secure documents, or as a standalone tool to meet client requirements. But common to all Virtual Apps is detailed reporting if appropriate, so you know what’s making the difference, what actions to take next and how the data can drive your business communications further.

Enhancing the customer journey

Essentially Virtual Apps are sites specifically designed for mobile devices, that increase engagement by using a familiar design language to optimise the customer journey, but do not require downloading to a device. The core aim of our entire service suite is to enable clients to generate two-way communication with their customers, seamlessly crossing digital channels whilst automating as many steps as possible.

Increasing response rates

Our intelligent software and integrated AI will encourage consumers to make a payment, confirm an appointment, make a promise to pay, receive and sign a document, make a purchase or whatever other action may be required. Experience has shown that you have more chance of getting the response you want if you make it easy for the consumer to act straight away, and not give them the opportunity to postpone or procrastinate. And the best way to make that happen is to integrate specially designed Virtual Apps and Microsites.

Our clients are seeing Virtual Apps or Microsites as the conduit to making a significant improvement in response rates and payment times.

A good example of this in action is for a debt collection agency or finance department that is hoping to get a customer to make a payment, make a promise to pay, specify a time for a call or automatically make a call to secure the next payment.

We would start by sending a text message using our Mobile SMS service, inviting the consumer to either make contact or make a payment – and inform our client when the message is received and opened.

Within the message we could offer two clear choices – make a payment immediately via an SMS payment gateway or click on a link that takes the customer through to a bespoke and secure Virtual App or Microsite.

From the Virtual App, customers can view their latest statement or a personalised letter with their arrears, and see a clear need for action, with options to progress further. Via our Secure Exchange, clients can see in real-time when this is opened and read.

In order to progress the conversation from inside the Virtual App and Secure Document, we include action buttons for customers to ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Chat with an Agent’ – linking customers to payment process, WEB chat via agent, bot or request a call and make a call.

Designed for action

Making it easy for customers to complete the payment straight away increases the chances that they will do so. That could be by clicking a ‘Pay Now’ button, to pay using a pre-registered and Tokenised debit or credit card, or by entering new card details securely and seamlessly within the Virtal App or Microsite. Customers can even click to instantly receive a unique PayPoint barcode via an SMS link to make a cash payment at thousands of PayPoint locations.

Virtual Apps help to prevent customers dropping out of actions, which often happens when they are directed away to a third party payment website – or their own bank – and have to start the process again.

Tailored to your requirements

Beyond this, we can also develop entire Mobile Applications, or link our services to your own Application via WEB hooks. Mobile Apps are often used by financial services for repeat or continuous customers where you can keep them up to date with statements and regular transactions.

Our integrated solutions provide the ability to link securely from within an application, to chat, send alerts, request a call, make a secure payment or request a promise to pay that your agents or our virtual agent can manage. We are happy to discuss individual requirements in more detail, and then develop bespoke apps and solutions for many different types of situations.

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