Utilities and Energy are staple requirements for consumers, and the interaction between these consumers and their providers must be comprehensive, efficient, cost effective and easy to use. Providers are facing an unprecedented demand for transparency, streamlining and support for vulnerable customers.

Helping you to meet complex challenges

We understand that clients within the utilities industry are finding increased complexity in meeting their challenges. For instance, in delivering their commitments for smart metering and in managing and continuously updating their Priority Services Register or Special Assistance Register.

Guidance from Ofgem and Ofwat, outlined in a recent report from the UK Regulators Network (UKRN), says that communications between providers and consumers needs to be secure and timely and, of course, through channels that not only achieve the best and most efficient response rates, but also deliver the message to those most vulnerable, and who may not have access to digital connections.

Industry-leading solutions

Our unique Omni-Channel intelligent platform provides industry-leading solutions, solving these challenges and also providing the tools to help you to manage your commitments to share non-financial data with other PSR and SAR services, whilst managing your needs to comply with new GDPR and general data legislation.

Better support for vulnerable consumers

Protecting vulnerable consumers is a priority and each Utility provider is expected to provide a seamless, stress-free experience and clearly demonstrate how they are managing their existing registers, and identifying more “at risk” vulnerable customers.

The number of consumers considered vulnerable is already significant and set to increase over the coming decades, adding further pressure and complexity and demanding the correct communication channel is used. For instance, there are over two million people in the UK with some degree of sight loss, 11 million with hearing loss, 13.3 million who are disabled, and one in four of all adults will experience some form of mental health problem.

And, as the aging population grows, and conditions such as dementia become more prevalent, constantly updating your database is key to being able to communicate in the most effective way.

Catering for the non-digitally connected

We recognise that the most vulnerable groups are less likely to be digitally connected, and this is where our Omni-Channel solutions give our clients most support, because we also include print and traditional mail, or IVR for voice contact, reaching all consumers in the most effective way.

Keeping all data up to date

The constant need to update your Registers stays at the heart of our services. We give you the ability to talk directly to your existing database, keep records current and up-to date, collect DOB and other key data, enabling you to automatically understand and manage your Registers and meet any shared data needs.

Comprehensive solutions

Using everymessage solutions, every interaction with your consumer is two-way. Written responses to letters and surveys are digitally scanned and recorded automatically, enabling you to capture even analogue data, combining it with that from digital channels and cleansing your databases in the process.

Automating the move to smart metering

For some clients, the drive to smart meters and the requirements to reach a minimum level of consumers using smart meters, is a huge operational and communications task. Our integrated AI and Workflow can simplify this task and automate as many conversations as possible, driving efficiencies to ensure the highest levels of adoption.

We ensure that vulnerable groups are sent communication to match their needs, to optimise the installation planning and scheduling, and ensure that the key messages of the benefits you send to consumers can quickly be turned into an automated transaction to book the meter installations.

Solutions for every consumer

So, no matter how or why you need to reach your consumers, or for them to reach you, everymessage has a solution. Providing fast and efficient digital ways to transact, collect payments, record incidents, capture and record images, manage vulnerable group Registers, emergency outage alerts, or planned outage alerts. And, of course, providing support for those needing additional help where their supply is critical to their health and welfare, and where they need to be reached in a more traditional way.

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