Sometimes businesses need to get a document to someone quickly and know that it has been read. Email is a common option, but the information may be sensitive, or the consumer may not have an email account – in which case the quickest way to communicate is via text message or WEB Chat.

everymessage Secure Document Exchange saves you time and reduces costs, whilst improving response rates, convenience and security for the consumer.

Beware the small print for messaging applications

Messaging and Chat often provide the best response rates when messages are small and concise, but sending vital and secure information by text or messenger is often not practical or secure. For example, contained within the terms and conditions of use for messaging applications may be permissions for the providers to “analyse the user’s website, content and data for any purpose”, including their own commercial use.

Secure Exchange: the secure document exchange system

Secure Document Exchange is more direct than email, quicker and cheaper than traditional mail, and protects client and consumer data. It enables you to send a link – via an SMS message, email, WEB chat or social media – to a specially designed Virtual App or Microsite where the document is securely stored.

Ideal for the delivery of secure and sensitive documents

To access the documents, the recipient has to identify themselves by answering security questions specified by yourselves (for example their postcode and date of birth) making this system ideal for the delivery of secure and sensitive documents such as statements, account or credit card bills and payment and collections follow-ups.

Include prompts for further action

Once the document has been viewed, the recipient can be prompted to take further action, such as making a payment via a ‘pay now’ link embedded into both the SMS and the document, increasing response rates.

Full reporting and traceability

The everymessage Secure Exchange provides with full reporting and traceability, so you automatically know who received the message and who clicked the link. Your database will be automatically updated with the outcome of any actions, such as a payment.


If a document is not read within a pre-determined timeframe, then our Print and Post system can be configured to automatically generates a hard copy and post it to the recipient.

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