Understanding the demographics, habits and preferences of your existing customer base is key to identifying new customers and selling to them in a way that will bring success.

Powerful solutions to support the sales process

Many of our clients use everymessage to support their Sales and Marketing activities – and this is an area where we can offer an extremely powerful solution for companies looking to make contact with new customers and upsell to existing ones. Our Omni-Channel communication tools allow our clients to maximise every single customer interaction and help them to realise the true potential of their Contact Centre as a profit-generating hub.

With everymessage tools at your disposal, your teams can service their existing customers better, and also open new lines of communication with prospects, enabling them learn as much as possible about them and convert them into customers.

AI solutions and Omni-Channel communication tools for sales and marketing

Increasing the speed and accuracy of communication

In a digital world, where consumers are using the WEB or their mobile device to book, research or enquire about products and services, they often expect to use Chat rather than make a call – increasing the speed of response and accuracy of communication.

Therefore, customer engagement in conversation – and the journey from prospect to transaction or strong lead – is one which needs to be as short as possible, and relevant from the start. This is particularly important in the Finance sector, where documentation process has traditionally been complicated and time consuming.

Effective and secure multi-channel tools

In an era where smartphones are becoming the primary digital communication devices, everymessage provides effective and secure tools that can move between channels – SMS, e-mail, WEB chat or even social media – to enable clients to complete and transact more business. By taking a more integrated approach to customer interaction, self-service and secure document exchange, our clients leverage the power of these channels to do more.

For example…

A Finance sector client used our services to streamline the selling of individual savings products. Previously the process took two weeks from the signing of the application form, and required manual processing of hand written documents. This risked lower returns of application forms due to complexity and/or having to complete sections which were not relevant to the purchase.

The process also provided little feedback to potential customers on the status of their application, or to the management teams on the success (or otherwise) of the closure rate of new applications.

We automated the majority of this process by:

  • Creating dynamic documents that adapted based on the initial customer needs assessment
  • Reducing the complexity in the forms
  • Utilising electronic PDF documents for immediate accurate process on return
  • Improving the customers willingness to complete and return the signed forms
Booking appointments…

Live Chat sessions provide immediate assistance from agents to gather the correct information and provide the hook to organise a meeting with a local financial advisor when needed. SMS appointments are sent automatically to the customer and the financial advisor, booking and confirming the appointment with reminders closer to the meeting to ensure more success first time, and provide the customer with flexibility and choice.

…thorough preparation…

Prior to the meeting, the financial advisor receives an e-mail with the complete picture in order to be correctly prepared for their customer and, of course a further SMS reminder can be sent to the customer reminding them if they need to provide any specifics such as a driving licence or passport.

…simplifying the processing of documents…

Using everymessage secure document form completion, the FA, using a Mobile Microsite on a tablet device during the meeting, can easily process the application to completion. Information is immediately merged back into the appropriate application forms and, using the everymessage Print and Post service, is printed at our secure document production facility the same day and sent via first class post to the prospect for signature, saving weeks and improving application success.

…to drive more sales

Everymessage solutions, specifically secure documents and our Omni-Channel ability, is helping our Finance clients drive more sales and complete more orders than ever before. We are providing the tools to quickly move from completing application forms dynamically in a secure portal to delivering a final document to sign digitally to complete the financial transaction.

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