Digital conversations are helping our clients to provide a proactive and pain-free experience for consumers and increase customer satisfaction. As on-line commerce continues to dominate the retail space, any hesitation in engaging or impeding momentum of customer interaction risks losing the sale.

Giving you a competitive advantage

Recent surveys show that WEB self-service and social media messaging are the preferred and most widely used communication channels for consumers. This is why the everymessage Omni-Channel digital platform is transforming engagement as it successfully leverages these forms of communication alongside SMS, email, WEB Chat, in-App chat, secure document exchange and even printed mail.

The right communication at the right time

Proactive customer engagement not only requires the right method and channel to contact consumers, it also has to be at the right time and with a consistent and accurate response in order to increase customer satisfaction and deliver business efficiencies and cost reductions.

In tune with consumer behaviour

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels have been adopted by consumers because of their potential to avoid the challenges of other channels such as long waits on hold, complicated routing to departments or dropped chat conversations due to connection issues.

Respond faster (and avoid losing out to the competition)

The risk for the retailer is high if their Contact Centres are unable to react quickly and, according to a recent Gartner study, as customers expect an immediate reply, failure to respond quickly enough could mean up to a 15 percent increase in churn rate to a competitor (source: Gartner).

In response to these change in consumer behaviour and technology challenges, everymessage has created Orbit – the new intelligent interaction facility for Contact Centre agents.

Omni-Channel solutions

Our Omni-Channel solutions combine each channel of communication into a single view so that your agents (or our automated intelligent Workflow) can choose the active channel-type best suited to an individual customer and respond quickly. This can be via SMS, web chat, in-app chat, Messenger, What’s APP (API launch H2 2018), Virtual Apps, e-mail or IVR. We can also deliver letters or documents via our secure document exchange to a customer’s device or, of course, traditional posted mail.

Taking security seriously

As a certified ISO27001 secure company we are aware of the challenges of securing transactional and personal information within social media channels where the data resides on servers outside the UK.

In addition, social media companies have the option and ability to read the content of messages, set out in their terms of use policy, and to act on the content for marketing purposes in order to monetise the services. In order to protect you against your competition reaching your customers this way, our intelligent WEB hooks can pull the conversations to a more secure channel when needed.

Communicate securely across all channels

Engaging in customer conversations automatically, using our integrated AI and Workflow, enables everymessage retail clients to communicate securely across all channels, seamlessly switching when required, which has proven to be more responsive, far more cost efficient, and drives sales and transactions in one simple easy to manage tool.

Turn abandoned checkouts into sales

We can help you automatically detect a failed transaction that had progressed through to the basket but without completion or payment. Our software will help you to automatically and instantly engage with the customer, using either the contact details, the transaction, or your marketing database that triggered the initial visit, to ask if the customer needs help, has any issues or is aware that they hadn’t completed the transaction.

Improve the customer experience

Following a purchase, we can manage the delivery details (or collect from shop details) across all channel types, rather than just SMS as most retailers have today. We can also enable you to follow-up every transaction by automating customers’ sign-up to warranty registration or promoting and selling additional extended warranties.

Securely supporting the “upsell”

Using everymessage automation and integrated AI, you will have the opportunity to sell more products, promote other items, accessories, or services closely related to the customer’s original purchase. And all through a tokenised payment process that keeps the customer’s data safe, fulfils your PCI DSS compliance requirements and enables customers to transact more often, more simply and through any channel type – SMS, e-mail, Messenger and IVR.

Intelligent technology to improve business performance

Our clients recognise that by using our software, they are able to become even more customer focussed, increase their first-time resolution rates, reduce inbound call volumes, service more customers and extend coverage hours. everymessage Workflow and integrated AI tools enable them to handle more issues, much earlier and with greater consistency in response, which in turn drives improvements in customer satisfaction and helps you to increase your business opportunities.

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