During 2018, WhatsApp will launch a commercial API to deliver WhatsApp for business, which will bring many potential benefits to our clients. History tells us that there will be some security issues for certain industries, however, our focus to secure every conversation means that, when you are ready, we will have developed an appropriate solution for you.

Later in 2018 we will also see Google’s new Rich Communications Services (RCS) – in a product called Android Messages and Apple Business Chat. These new messaging propositions are being adopted and commercialised by the mobile carriers across the globe and integrated into devices by the majority of Android handset manufacturers and iOS11 devices, providing access to billions of users.

These new enhanced and richer featured messaging formats will provide consumers with new content automatically and therefore give our clients the potential to deliver new functionality like Scanning a payment card to update details, linking appointments with the calendar, sending secure documents directly, or even rich video content to improve customer service experience.

To talk to us about your RCS and Apple Business Chat requirements, please complete the form below.

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