We understand that sending mail can be expensive and time-consuming, preventing your team from focussing on their Contact Centre tasks. Our integrated solutions streamline this process, saving your agents time and improving the efficiency, and therefore profitability, of your operation.

There are times when traditional methods work best

Despite the dominance of mobile, digital and online communication, sometimes achieving the desired response from an end user or consumer means having to take a step back. This could be because a recipient is digitally excluded or vulnerable, or simply that our client feels that a more traditional approach will generate a better response.

Fully integrated mail-out services

What makes everymessage unique in our industry is our ability to fully integrate postal mailing services within digital communication techniques to create a hybrid mail solution. Our ability to integrate these into a more complex communications Workflow is where we really excel and can genuinely make a significant difference to your bottom line.

We can, of course, run standalone postal mailing campaigns if you choose – managing every aspect of personalised printing, envelope stuffing and postage, that could generate significant savings for your business.

Automatically detects when printed mail is best…

For example, if you run a campaign using one of our Omni-Channel solutions, say our Mobile SMS service, but your database includes records which have no phone numbers – or, after an initial broadcast, we discover a quantity of records where the mobile number is permanently invalid.

…without you having to intervene

Our sophisticated Workflow tool will automatically default these contacts to a traditional letter, using pre-determined letter text, signature and stationery. Letters are automatically printed and posted when a mobile number fails or is not found, without your agents having to intervene in any way.

Helping to ensure regulatory compliance

Our system works equally well to support other digital channels such as Secure Document Exchange, where documents that have not been opened and read are automatically detected, and sending printed versions, ensuring regulatory compliance and completing the circle in communications.

From individual documents to bulk mailings

Our integrated solutions support both bulk mailings and the printing of individual documents following a conversation – all fulfilled remotely by our Print and Post service, delivering accurate, fast and high-quality letters every time. Templates ensure that all letters have consistent layout and content and reflect the integrity of your brand.

Essential management tools

Detailed reporting tools allow managers to see what was posted, when, and sent by whom, providing them with the ability to limit the quantity or type of mail that staff can send. Our hybrid Print and Post solutions give you a true feel for your postage spend, by team, department, company or country.

A fully-managed service

Save your staff having to spend time stuffing envelopes and taking items to the post room – we will send out documents and information packs on your behalf, so your agents can move on to the next customer faster with the task completed. We even offer overseas printing and fulfilment centres to minimise international postage costs.

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