The increasing sophistication of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) has enabled us to help our clients reach new levels of self service, extended operating hours and business efficiency.

Increased and intelligent use of IVR and IVM is proving to be a highly effective way to improve the productivity of our clients Contact Centres, increasing throughput by individual agents and departments. We typically integrate our software with our clients’ existing hardware and processes, meaning we can achieve significant improvements with very little disruption and minimal capital expenditure.

A powerful and versatile means to improve Contact Centre efficiency

Our bespoke IVR and IVM applications are fully integrated within our Workflow and Orbit suites enabling customers using the self-service platform to be delivered seamlessly to the appropriate agent where intervention is required.

For inbound calling, IVR is a powerful tool to release the pressure on a Contact Centre, particularly during peak call volumes. And by using pre-qualifying techniques such as filtering calls to the correct teams and undertaking an automated ID and verification process, we can improve performance even further.

Seamless integration

With integration to customer data the platform can easily be configured to enable self-service, providing customers with the ability to query balances, check next payment dates, change registered card or payment dates or make a payment towards their balance. In this way, IVR can be a valuable addition to a Contact Centre service, improving efficiency, saving time, improving engagement and saving cost.

Greater choice and flexibility

We understand that customer needs are not all the same, and that some customers not only prefer a voice call, but require a contact via voice to ensure engagement. By integrating IVM into our Workflow suite and enabling voice contact where a telephone number is available, we can deliver greater choice and flexibility and therefore accessibility to customers. The platform can identify where answer machines or voicemails pick up the call and can be configured to leave a specific message in these circumstances.

While often used as a standalone service for inbound or outbound contact, the everymessage IVR and IVM solutions provide our clients with even greater communication channels, and by using both progressive dialler and preview dialler methods they ensure best use of agents’ time.

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