everymessage intelligent AI typically helps clients to increase collections (or defining a promise to pay) by over 80% significantly improving business performance.

As online communication takes over from phone calls, and people increasingly prefer to use messaging and social media rather than speak on the phone, keeping communication private is a key driver in encouraging customer engagement and improving collections efficiency.

Seamless debt resolution solutions

With a client base that includes banks, credit card and loan companies, debt collection agencies, retail finance and many other finance-oriented businesses, everymessage designs solutions that proactively engage with customers, providing them with a seamless and convenient way to resolve their debts. Engaging in a conversation digitally is seen as a far less invasive (or uncomfortable) experience for consumers and allows for more discrete “silent communication”, proven to improve the effectiveness of collection activities.

Proactive debt recovery…

Experience shows that Intelligent interaction across the debt lifecycle is key to achieving better outcomes in collections, debt recovery and compliance. This could be simple reminders to help consumers manage their direct debits, though to proactively steering conversations to achieving either a payment, or a promise to pay.

…and improved customer service

In addition to payment collection, our self-serve focus brings other customer service benefits, enabling consumers to do more when it is convenient for them. Such as obtaining account information, changing card payment dates or other details, or receiving secure documents that allow the user to feedback with a signature, attach a photograph or add other documents.

Communicate on their terms for better response rates

Digital communication via a chat window and speech bubble is now a familiar and everyday occurrence for most customers thanks to applications for SMS, iMessage, or the likes of WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. Two-way conversations with either a contact centre agent or our AI Bot allows you to communicate with your customers in a way that suits them and is familiar to them – whether the conversation is initiated via SMS, web chat, a client’s own APP, Messenger or even email. This is far less intrusive and more immediate than any other media and, combined with the immediate convenience for the customer, it delivers the greatest response rates.
AI to improve finance and collections

Efficiently empowering clients to do more…

Self-serve benefits extend deep in to our clients’ business and across departments, enabling conversations or transactions to be completed first time and closed, like taking a payment, directing the conversation to gain a promise to pay, completing required Income and Expenditure (I&E) forms, and sending other regulatory specific documents like annual statements or arrears notices for CCA / FCA compliance, all without engaging other resources.
everymessage provides a constantly evolving suite of services, allowing you to manage the full range of communications channels using one central software tool – called Orbit – that writes back to your finance and collections system, directly recording all transactions in real time.

Collect payments more efficiently

Our Payment Automation service enables clients to make a simple connection to the payment provider of their choice, and we already have integration in place with most of the largest payment gateways – including Worldpay, Sagepay, PayPal, VISA, Realex and PayPoint. This Payment Automation is fully integrated into our platform, making it easy to start a conversation in any format and proceed to take a payment in one smooth and seamless process – securely linked to your own finance and collections platform, via different methods such as:
  • Pay with a pre-registered card – if an existing payment card has already been tokenised, customers can simply confirm an instruction to ‘pay now’ and their card will be debited.
  • Pay with a new card – if no card is registered, or the card has expired, the customer can be taken through to a specially designed mobile-optimised web page, where they can set up a new card easily and then make the payment.
  • Pay with cash – if the customer has no bank account or debit card, and prefers to pay by cash at a PayPoint, then we can automatically generate a unique PayPoint or ALL PAY bar code which is sent to them via an SMS Link.
While proactive digital interaction can solve most Contact Centre requirements, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capability adds another dimension to our client collections environment. As Orbit can control and manage the digital queue for agents and our AI Bot, it can also do the same with our IVR for inbound calls which will always be an option if the consumer wants to discuss their situation in person. The IVR can save you time and money, pre-qualifying consumers through data validation, providing the most common self-service options from changing the payment date or card details, through to making a payment automatically. It is a vital addition to our multi-channel, secure, automated solution for the phone, web and mobile devices. Find out more about IVR
The addition of Tokenised Payments to our automated payment service is helping many of our clients provide their customers with the ability to make faster, self-service payments across all available channels securely and simply, without worrying about fraud. Tokenisation is a process of protecting sensitive data automatically, replacing it with an algorithmically-generated ‘token’. These tokens look like real numbers but have no value or meaning to others, so if they are stolen, they are totally worthless. In credit and debit cards, the customers primary account number (PAN) and the three or four digit (CVV) code is replaced with a series of randomly-generated numbers keeping the real bank account details safe in a secure token vault with the payment provider. Tokens like these can be used again and again which adds simplicity and improves collection efficiency. Find out more about Tokenised Payments
The everymessage secure data platform can tokenise a payment card on the first transaction, so that account numbers and personally identifiable information are secured for PCI DSS compliance reducing or even removing the complexity of PCI DSS compliance across every transaction. The further benefit to you and your customers extends beyond security, adding a convenient and secure way to pay again and again without having to pass through card data validation each time.
A vital element of payment collection is the secure delivery of documents, and providing new secure methods to deliver these documents has enabled our clients to improve their consistency, customer service and compliance. everymessage Secure Document Exchange delivers this mail electronically to a consumer in any digital channel via a link, which opens a bespoke secure Virtual App or WEB micro-site where the consumer validates their details to access. Every document that is read is tracked, and Orbit will write back to your database when and how it was viewed – even capturing the operating system of the device used to read it. In addition to providing the ability to track open rates, everymessage Workflow and our AI can automatically follow-up when customers do not view their documents by sending the same secure document again – this time using traditional printed mail, satisfying all compliance needs. Find out more about Secure Mobilised Documents
“Integrating AI into our platform allows for scalable automation across all channels.” Our deep understanding of Finance and Collections has enabled us to take AI to another level. Not only do we use Natural Language Processing (NLP) in our software techniques to understand words, correct spelling or filter profanity, but we can parse entire sentences to understand the context of a conversation and respond in a manner which will achieve the desired outcome. We understand your goals and our AI will quickly identify and act on the sentence and context, looking for a payment confirmation and date, a promise to pay, a request for further contact at a specific day and time or personal difficulties where a trained specialist can intervene to assist and protect the individual in difficulty. One of the outstanding elements of everymessage AI is that we provide you with the tools to reach out to customers automatically. For instance, to those who have either missed a payment or are late paying, in order to draw them back in to a conversation so that you can direct them towards specific goals. AI tailored to your business needs This proactive approach provides all the self-serve options which can include reminders that the payment request will be presented again, to make a payment now by an alternative route, or giving options for the customer to manage the payment themselves. By drilling into your own real time dataflows we are able to help you to quickly identify everything about your customers and act immediately and intelligently. The conditional responses within our AI use your own existing templates and current interactional data from the agents as a platform to understand every context, ensuring our intelligence focuses on achieving your goals. everymessage AI machine learning is also in your control, first passing through the team leaders to approve or amend the response to ensure that as the data builds, it matches your business objectives. Find out more about AI

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