Customer expectations have never been higher, and yet their needs are ever more complex, which adds increasing pressure to Customer Servicing teams.

Rising to the challenge…

everymessage helps our clients to face the challenge of meeting customer expectations positively, and embraces the use of intelligent digital channels to improve service levels, improve efficiency and reduce costs. For instance, in the housing sector, these benefits are felt across the whole organisation, from repairs, inspection visits and missed payments, to reducing inbound contact which may have been growing over recent years.

Improved efficiency

everymessage solutions enable you to capture the data you need, respond quickly, collate key information (such as photographic evidence of the repair or delivery issue from the customers smartphone) and deliver more successful first-time visits to further improve your operating efficiency.

Improved customer focus

Our clients are able to become even more customer focused, increasing first-time resolution, reducing inbound call volumes, servicing more customers and extending coverage hours. everymessage tools mean you can handle more issues, earlier and with greater consistency, which in turn drives improvements in customer satisfaction.

The everymessage focus is to help our clients to do more and with greater efficiency, engaging with customers to enable self-serve (where possible) and using their preferred method of communication, whilst automating as many conversations and processes as possible.

Total control over multiple communication platforms

Engaging in a “digital conversation” is increasingly accepted by consumers, and allows for more communication to take place at a time most convenient for them, which helps to improve the effectiveness of your activity.

As social media has become the messaging channel of choice for many, everymessage Omni-Channel solutions combine each method into a single view so that your agents (or our intelligent Workflow) can choose the active channel type best suited to an individual customer – including SMS, web chat, in-app chat, Virtual Apps, e-mail or IVR and deliver letters digitally using our secure document exchange in virtual Apps perfect for a mobile device.

Of course, not every customer is digitally enabled so our integration to voice and our ability to deliver letters or documents for the more vulnerable through traditional posted mail closes this loop and ensures that you do more with ever more automation for improved customer service.

Flexible integration

The everymessage platform can either sit on-premises within your data centre, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both. This flexibility is designed to ensure that we are able to interface with your existing Contact Centre platforms so that your investments are kept focussed on delivering a better outcome for your customers.

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