Transforming Contact Centre Communications using AI to deliver a truly omnichannel and intelligent interaction, freeing up agent time and enabling more efficient use of your teams.

Technology driven by a deep understanding of Contact Centres

The founders of everymessage have more than 25 years’ experience of working in and with Contact Centres. And with the benefit of that experience, they formed everymessage in 2003 to create user-friendly software solutions to empower contact centres to drive conversations digitally.

User-friendly software solutions that improve the efficiency of contact centres

Gone are the days of simply logging calls, sending mailshots and collecting data. Our solutions support intelligent interaction, pro-actively steering conversations towards better outcomes and improved satisfaction, utilising self-serve and automating to improve response rates and efficiency.

In tune with technological change

While our focus is still on improving response and efficiency, we have recognised and kept pace with the rapid changes in the world of communications technology and the consequent changes in consumer behaviour. For instance, with more than 80% of UK adults now owning a smartphone, we understand the opportunities that creates for better contact and response.

A constantly evolving suite of services

We now provide our customers with a constantly evolving suite of services, allowing them to manage the full range of communications channels using one central software tool – which we call Orbit.

Revolutionising communication

Orbit is our Onmi-Channel platform. It is revolutionising communication and conversations for organisations throughout the UK.

Increase engagement

Contacting consumers using the channel which works best for them, and at the right time, increases engagement and response.

Every method at your fingertips

Orbit brings every method to your agents’ fingertips – including SMS, web chat, in-app chat, Virtual Apps, e-mail, IVR, secure document exchange and traditional postal mail.

Total control over multiple communication platforms

Orbit agent interaction enables all conversations to be seamlessly presented on one transactional screen. This is especially useful when conversations are started in apps, or less secure channels such as Messenger, where consumer data may be manipulated by the carrier. Orbit gives you the ability to start conversations in one channel and migrate to a secure channel, futureproofing your customer contact whilst optimising the initial conversation medium.

Contact Centre management tools

Integrated within Orbit are robust Contact Centre management information tools, providing traditional style wall boards to help team leaders optimise their teams. Managers are able to see live AI conversations, manage the flow of outbound contact to ensure inbound demand can be met, and enable the Contact Centre to manage their queue to optimise their goals.

Intelligent queue prioritisation

Orbit provides both first in, first out (FIFO) and last in, first out (LIFO) methods, however many of our clients benefit more from our unique blended or optimised queue prioritisation that looks at other elements like the most active channel type or the content and context of the conversation and directs conversations back to the same agent, team leader or even our Virtual Agent.

Automation delivers a level of contact and response which is not possible through human interaction alone

Virtual Agents – Taking AI to another level

Automation delivers a level of contact and response which is not possible through human interaction alone. Virtual Agents, or Chatbots, are able to liaise efficiently with consumers to deal with an increasing range and number of tasks, such as validating ID and verification, troubleshooting problems, providing account updates, account balances or taking payments.


Webchat or Virtual Apps

Webchat is now an accepted communication channel for many adults, and by integrating it with other tools, agent efficiency is greatly improved. Driving the webchat to an everymessage Virtual App enables you to automatically use your own data to ID and validate consumers, deliver secure documents with proof of opening, or start a conversation with a live agent from one single place – optimised for any mobile device.


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