The everymessage core platform is uniquely designed to optimise your existing investments and infrastructure, complimenting your existing business systems and helping you to rapidly optimise your communications with significantly lower investment or any need for structural change.

For clients where data security is of paramount importance, our on-premis solutions place our software behind security and firewalls to integrate directly with their CRM and business systems. This bespoke deployment provides a highly tailored, highly secure solution, designed and maintained in collaboration with our clients for the most effective implementation.

Incorporate the latest in AI technology

As many of our clients are now looking to speedily integrate the evolving suite of solutions in order to incorporate the latest in AI technology, CPaaS secure cloud technology is preferred. This is particularly effective when using everymessage Hybrid AI combining the power of Amazon AWS and Lex voice, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Cognitive Services and everymessage core AI. Together they will optimise and deliver BOT technology across all channels of communication. Through the secure everymessage API and CPaaS model, deployment can be rapid, delivering instant results.

Cloud, on-premis or Hybrid platform

Security and flexibility

And uniquely, our solutions come with a third platform option – the hybrid model. Enabling fast deployment of new technology and new services for rapid trial and instant response whilst retaining an on-premise core platform within your own data centre – the ultimate combination of security and flexibility for fast secure delivery and cost control. A uniquely flexible approach, designed to deliver our clients immediate results whilst reducing the need for infrastructure change and minimising upfront investments whilst keeping your data 100% safe.

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