We send millions of text messages and emails every week on behalf of our clients, ranging from a simple broadcast to an interactive two-way conversation.

SMS is an excellent tool for two-way communication – not only is the delivery of the message immediate, but the recipient has control over how and when they reply. And the replies are a key area where everymessage makes a key operational difference for our clients.

It is more than “sending a message”

To us, it is about more than sending a message, it is about getting a response and making the consumer take action – making a payment, updating their details, securely viewing an important document, or simply staying in touch. By integrating our Virtual App or Microsite solution, we can also ensure that the process of completing the desired action is simple, traceable and encourages immediate and first-time resolution.

Bulk Messaging for SMS and Email

Accurate and actionable feedback

If you did not get a response, we can find out why so that you can act to save time and money. Our accurate reporting system provides detailed carrier Host Location Register (HLR) information, allowing us to ascertain the exact failure reason for any non-delivered message and whether it is a permanently invalid number – so that you can quickly update your databases using our Workflow tool.

30% increase in collections rates

From our own client experience, we have seen collections rates increasing by more than 30% – and where Mobile SMS is used as part of an appointment reminder system, attendance has also increased by more than 20%, while reducing costs significantly.

Seamless integration

The everymessage core platform can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Salesforce and many other applications, or simply and intelligently use email to SMS, SMS API connection to your system, or via a simple data file in Excel or CSV to SMS. We can deliver using dedicated local numbers in most countries, for both local and international two-way communications and, of course, provide short codes for SMS where required.

Intelligent email

While email provides similar opportunities, it can have unwanted complications. Sending large volumes of emails from your corporate email address can compromise your “sender reputation” amongst the main internet service providers, creating issues with mail servers seeing genuine emails as spam.

High response rates

Avoiding issues from the start is key, ensuring your emails are delivered every time, increasing your response rates and protecting your corporate email from untold damage. At everymessage, we understand these complications and provide our clients the best possible experience for their customers to drive the highest possible response rates.

Optimised for mobile devices

As over 80% of emails are opened on a mobile device, the everymessage Mobile First focus provides our clients the tools to deliver beautifully crafted HTML emails that are optimised for this but also work perfectly on a desktop. Our crafted templates enable our clients to quickly build email campaigns that are assured of HTML compliance, images are optimised, and all elements are compliant with SPF, DKIM and DMARC mail authentication.

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