everymessage automated Tokenised Payments are a secure and easy way to automate self-service payments across all channels.

Fast, simple and secure self-service payments

Everymessage Payment Automation service enables our clients to make a simple connection to the payment provider of their choice across all of the available communication channels. We have integration in place with most of the largest payment gateways – including Worldpay, Sagepay, PayPal, VISA, Realex and PayPoint and can easily add other payment providers. The addition of Tokenised Payments to our service is helping many of our clients to provide their customers with the ability to make faster, simpler and more secure self-service payments.

Automated Tokenised Payments

Sensitive data is kept safe

Tokenisation is a process of protecting personal and sensitive data automatically, replacing it with an algorithmically generated non-sensitive ‘token’. These tokens look like real numbers but have no value or meaning to others, so if they are stolen, they are totally worthless.

In credit and debit cards, the customer’s primary account number (PAN) and the three- or four-digit (CVV) code is replaced with a series of randomly-generated numbers, keeping the real bank account details safe in a secure token vault with the payment provider. Tokens like these can be used again and again which, in turn, adds simplicity and improves collection efficiency.

The protection of customer data is paramount. The use of tokenised payments via our secure platform minimises the risks associated with data loss or theft and reduces the complexity of PCI DSS compliance

Fully integrated

This payment automation is fully integrated into our platform, making it easy to start a conversation in any format and proceed to make a payment in one smooth and seamless process – securely linked to your finance and collections platform.

A streamlined process

The further benefit to both you and your customers extends beyond security, adding a convenient and secure way to pay again and again without having to pass through card data validation each time they make a payment.

Across all channels

Everymessage Automated Tokenised Payments are the secure and easy way to automate, self-service payments across all your channels – Voice IVR, SMS, your App, AI Bot, WEB chat or via secure virtual APP and web micro-sites.

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