From the very start of our AI journey we quickly understood and appreciated that every clients deployment of AI and their BOT requirement was unique. Whilst some clients were happy to use the core everymessage AI, embedded in to Workflow, other clients wanted to develop their own BOT using AWS to deploy across all areas of their business, utilising the same intent and critically data resources and infrastructure. However, all clients wanted the power of both their own BOT design and everymessage hybrid AI to be delivered through our Workflow and Orbit solutions.

In our latest development, we uniquely bring together the power of AWS Amazon LEX, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Cognitive Services and everymessage core AI to deliver the ultimate client flexibility and performance across any channel. So whether that’s connecting to your own BOT or designing one together to best suit your needs, the everymessage Hybrid AI model can deliver the solution your business requires.

This unique Hybrid AI solution can now put the power of Amazon Lex voice in front of ANY business telephony system whilst optimising speech recognition using the power of ALL three of the world’s leading platforms. Our desire is to provide the worlds leading

Natural language speech and text recognition technology alongside natural language conversation for both inbound and outbound communication.

To find out more and request a demonstration, please click here and see for yourself the power of the ultimate Hybrid AI and CPaaS solutions.

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