Using AI to deliver real and measurable business benefits across Finance and Collections, Contact Centres, Customer Service and Sales and Marketing operations.

Our advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and machine learning simplifies the communication process, freeing up agent time, increasing the efficiency of our clients’ teams and improving the outcomes of every action.

Taking AI to another level

Integrating AI into our Orbit intelligent interaction platform allows for scalable automation across all channels. Our deep understanding of Finance and Collections has enabled us to take AI to another level. Not only do we use Natural Language Processing (NLP) in our software techniques to understand words, correct spelling or filter profanity, but we can also parse entire sentences to understand the context of a conversation and respond in a manner which will achieve the desired outcome.

Outcome focused

We understand your goals, and our AI will quickly identify and act on the sentence and context, looking for a payment confirmation and date, a promise to pay, a request for further contact at a specific day and time or personal difficulties where a trained specialist can intervene to assist and protect the individual in difficulty.

Context-based machine learning…

The conditional responses within our AI use your own existing templates and current interactions of your Contact Centre agents as a platform to understand every context, ensuring our intelligence focuses on achieving your goals.

…tailored to your business objectives

Machine learning first passes through the Replay Client, allowing responses to be approved or amended prior to sending so that data is built on the correct information. As your data builds, conversations happen seamlessly, in tune with your business objectives.

Automated Communicaton

Proactive, outbound campaigns and communication take on a whole new dimension with AI integrated into the Orbit platform. Initially providing a set of rules, you will be able to launch a campaign using your AI Bot, engaging with customers seamlessly across media, providing options to pay directly and automatically through their tokenised credit or debit card, without a single real-life agent involved.

Increasing the capacity of your contact centre

Your Contact Centre capacity can increase significantly as your Virtual Agent or BOT completes more and more conversations, handling many multiple sessions and transactions simultaneously and enabling you to deliver more.

The integration of AI across all available digital channels delivers a new, ‘silent’ and ’24/7′-capable interactive BOT or Virtual Agent to your Contact Centre.

AI that learns from you

Just as most agents are monitored and trained for continuous improvement, our Replay Client enables you to oversee these new Virtual Agent conversations and provide amends, helping AI to learn and fine tune where new elements to a conversation occur.

Peace of mind is built-in

The benefits of everymessage AI are many-fold, however we recognise that there is some nervousness written about AI in the press today. Our Replay Client technology provides you with the security to know that when you deploy, it is tailored to your needs, can be controlled by you and trained by your best people to optimise the solution and increase its effectiveness.

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