everymessage was formed in 2003 with the principal objective of creating user-friendly software solutions that make it easier for Call Centres to log calls, send mail shots and collect data – which in turn would improve response rates and make each worker more efficient.

A constantly evolving suite of services

Since 2003 communications technology has evolved rapidly. Could anyone have predicted that, just 15 years later, over 80% of the UK population would have a mobile phone that was smarter than most early desktops? So today, we aim to provide our clients with a constantly evolving suite of services which allows them to manage a wide range of communications channels via one central software tool.

Adjusting to the changes in how we communicate

Over the years we have helped a wide range of clients, including TV Licensing, BAA and many debt collection organisations, to adjust to the rapid changes faced by their communications teams.

As email, mobile phones, SMS, Social Media Instant Messaging and online Chat arrived, we have integrated each new technology into our systems, without changing the core objective of our business – to help our clients communicate with confidence, and to make their businesses more efficient and more profitable.

Changing the dynamics of the contact centre

We continue to drive Contact Centre-oriented technology forward. contributed to a real step change in technology for Contact Centres. We have launched several world class products and services, transforming the way pro-active conversations are made, automating many conversations with our Workflow and Orbit tools and, in 2018, we are using AI to completely change the dynamic of the contact centre – driving significant increases in response rates, efficiency and profitability for our clients.

Driving the industry forward

As for the future? everymessage will continue to lead the industry by helping companies understand more about the process of meeting their customers’ needs at any point of impact – to enable simple and effective communication across multiple business purposes, including:

  • Finance and Collections
  • Utilities and energy
  • Customer Servicing
  • Retail
  • Contact Centres
  • Sales and Marketing

Pro-actively engaging with consumers

Our goal is to help all business sectors to grasp the importance of pro-actively engaging with consumers in the most appropriate way to generate the best possible response and return – intelligent interaction the everymessage way.

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