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Intelligence at the core

Our key strength lies in connecting your communication options to best suit your needs, using the technology and route that delivers the best result.

Whether it is SMS, e-mail, social media, print and post or a voice conversation, our intelligent solutions create the linkage for both outbound and inbound conversation and can seamlessly move between the routes to maximise the transactional outcome.

  • facilitate payments and improve collections efficiency
  • provide a better and more accurate customer service
  • provide faster response times
  • complete transactions

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Advanced AI

Our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology delivers real and measurable business benefits by simplifying the communication process, freeing up agent time, increasing the efficiency of your team, improving the outcomes of every action, maximising productivity and ultimately saving you money…

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Empowering Contact Centres

By automating up to 80% of agent interactions, you can contact more customers more easily, facilitating a speedier response and a faster conclusion to conversations.

We help to improve outcomes and enable call centres to achieve more. Our tailored everymessage solutions help to evolve the customer journey, learning from each deployment and improving business performance along the way.

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Securing your communications

Securing personal data has never been more important, and security lies at the very heart of our intelligent solutions. We received ISO27001 accreditation in 2010 and all of our software has this level of scrutiny at its core. We can help you to be ready for GDPR, and our flexible deployment solutions will ensure that you choose the best and most secure path for your data.

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Improving Customer Service

The automated AI bots within our messaging applications can deliver a level of responsiveness that is not humanly possible. This core intelligence can improve efficiency, support multiple conversations, direct conversations to the same agent and more. (And, of course, Virtual Agents don’t need sleep…)

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True Omni-Channel interaction

We will tailor a fully-integrated solution to the precise needs of your business and customer, making use of a sophisticated and seamless suite of tools, including:

  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Interactive voice response
  • Bulk SMS & email messaging
  • Virtual apps and microsites
  • WEB chatbots
  • Print and post automation

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