Solution for Sales and Marketing

Although many of our clients use everymessage for payment and collections services, we also have numerous clients who use our services to support their Sales and Marketing activities - and this is an area where everymessage can offer an extremely powerful solution for companies who are looking to make contact with new and existing customers.

The best way to close a sale will always be speed of response and quality of communication, regardless of whether that's done online or by other means - and the journey from prospect to customer is one which needs to be as short as possible. Letting your potential customer understand the benefits and features of your product or service is as important, if not more so, than competitive pricing.

everymessage sales and marketing

Working with everymessage on SMS services has not only improved our costs, but the seamless integration enabled us to improve response rates from customers as well.

Michael Bevan

How it works

Over the years we've discovered that the best way to demonstrate how each of our services works - and how they can be brought together into a fully integrated solution - is to outline a typical scenario which a client might be facing. This example covers a selection of our core services, but of course we can also built solutions which just contain one or more of these elements!

Let's look at how the Sales and Marketing department of a financial organisation might use our services to help their customers research and buy an ISA for example.

Previously the process took two weeks from signed application form, and required the client to hand write every element - which invariably reduced the amount of forms returned. There was also little feedback on the status of applications, or reporting on the closure rate of new applications.

After searching for a suitable financial product, our prospect visits the website of Acme Finance, which offers cash and stocks & shares ISAs. Most of the information they need is available, but they would prefer to speak with a financial advisor to ensure that they are making the right choice of policy - and so start this process by requesting a Live Chat session.

Process overview

  1. The customer service agent gathers the information they need and suggests a meeting with a local financial advisor - going on to agree a date and time for the appointment.
  2. The prospect's contact details are captured in the chat session, including email, mobile and address details. Everymessage then automatically sends a Mobile SMS to the prospect, confirming the appointment date and time.

    The message also confirms the address to ensure everything is correct. At the same time an email is sent to the financial advisor, with any additional information that was captured in the chat session, and his online diary is updated.
  3. Closer to the appointment, a follow up SMS is sent to the prospect, reminding them of the key information which the advisor will required, such as a passport and utility bill.
  4. At the appointment, the advisor discusses a financial plan and two products are selected. Ordinarily there would be two lengthy application forms for them to take away and complete, each containing duplicate information.

    But with everymessage form completion, a single list of information is gathered by the advisor using a Mobile Microsite on a tablet device during the meeting, while the prospect is present.
  5. This information is then merged back in to the appropriate application forms and, using the everymessage Print & Post service, is printed at our secure document production facility the very same day and sent via first class post to the prospect for signature.
  1. The prospect (who is now about to become a client!) then checks and signs the documents, completing any missing information at the same time, and sends these back to Acme Finance for processing.
  2. On receipt of these documents, the support team checks the content and everymessage generates an email to the advisor and an SMS to the customer, to let everyone know the latest progress.The client can then communicate any missing information to Acme Finance via SMS, as the everymessage service enables two way communication - or by web form using our Secure Exchange service.
  3. If the documents are not received within an agreed timeframe, gentle reminders can be sent automatically via SMS to see if the prospect needs more information, using predetermined rules which can be set up in advance in the everymessage workflow tool.
  4. As the capture process is largely electronic, all client data can be loaded back into Acme Finance's host platform, saving time and ensuring there are no mistakes in re-keying the data. The application form can also be archived for future reference.
  5. Additional financial products can be offered on a quarterly basis via the communication channels captured during the sign up process - such as SMS or email - and these can also be tailored to the client profile.

Of course this is just one business requirement, and everymessage can be used for a huge variety of other applications. For example, we support the finance and collections services provided by debt collection agencies, and we help numerous businesses to streamline their customer service processes by taking a more integrated approach.