Solutions for Finance and Collections

At everymessage, we have numerous clients who use one or more of our services to help them solve their payment collections challenges. This includes not only debt collection agencies but also finance departments of any type of company.

To find out more about what some of these clients think of our services, click the links to view video testimonials from payday loans company Cash Store and international debt collection agency Paladin.

How it works

Over the years we've discovered that the best way to demonstrate how each of our services works - and how they can be brought together into a fully integrated solution - is to outline a typical scenario which a client might be facing.

Let's look at how a finance department or debt collection agency might use our services to generate more payments, in simple terms. This example covers all six of our core services, but of course we can also built solutions which just contain one or more of these elements!

everymessage finanse and collections

With everymessage, we trust them. We've got a trust and a belief in them, that as we grow they will be our business partner for a long, long time.

Phil Johnson
Cash Store

Communication via SMS

Say we start with a database which contains a mix of mobile and landline numbers, email addresses and postal addresses. We can set up a simple rules based workflow which determines what should happen in each case, starting with those mobile numbers:

  1. Records with mobile numbers are sent a text message using our Mobile SMS service, inviting the customer to call or simply reply via SMS, which automatically starts an interactive chat within Orbit Interaction.
  2. Messages can also include a link which enables them to view their statement using our Secure Exchange service - by entering their date of birth and postcode, or any security questions you choose, via a specially designed Mobile Microsite.
  3. This lets them view their statement and immediately gives them the option to make a payment, thanks to our Payment Automation function.
  4. Payment can be made using a pre-registered card, by setting up a new card securely within the mobile web page, or by requesting a unique PayPoint bar code - which is then generated and displayed for scanning at any PayPoint outlet, so they can pay using cash.
  5. Once the funds have been received, the database is automatically updated, indicating that a payment has been made.

Not every SMS results in a payment, and some records will not have a mobile number included, or the number may be invalid. But everymessage can handle these types of situations as well. . . .

When SMS isn't the answer

If an SMS is undelivered, our system will be able to determine the reason why, and also whether the failure is temporary (phone switched off) or permanent (number no longer in use). If temporary, future resends can be set up, at specific intervals and for a predetermined number of times. If this still fails, then the procedure for a permanent failure can be adopted.

Permanent failures can be handled in a variety of ways, depending on information available and client requirement:

  1. If a home number is available, an automated call can be made using our Voice Response service. After verification, an automated payment may be taken or the caller can be transferred through to a live agent to carry out any other pre-defined actions.
  2. If an email address is available, a personalised message with the associated links can be sent via email instead.
  3. If only a postal address is available, then everymessage can be set up to generate a hard copy letter, using pre-determined templates and stationery - with a response code for the recipient to call, text or visit the web.
  4. This is then automatically sent out, with no human intervention required, using our Print & Post service.
  5. Everymessage will then update each record within the database, to show the current status of the situation.

Of course this is just one business requirement, and everymessage can be used for a huge variety of other applications. For example, we support the sales and marketing efforts of insurance companies that sell through comparison sites, and we help numerous businesses to streamline their customer service processes by taking a more integrated approach.