Solutions for Customer Service

Although many of our clients use everymessage for payment and collections services, we also have numerous clients who use our services to streamline their Customer Service processes by taking a more integrated approach. This is an area where everymessage can offer the ideal solution for companies who need to maintain excellent relationships with existing customers, as well as identifying opportunities for further revenue generation.

The more a customer interacts with an organisation, the more value they perceive - but only if that communication is of good quality and does not deliver a bad experience. Communication is perhaps most important at times of change or engagement, as there is nothing worse than being left in the dark or feeling short changed on information.

It is also important to put your customer in control, to offer the highest level of customer convenience. And given the opportunity of self service, most customers will opt to do this - only dropping back to speak to someone if they are unable to self-serve.

everymessage customer service

Our sales managers are not technology whizzes, so everymessage allows them to manage campaigns effectively and in real time - and changing them as often as they like is a simple operation.

Harrison Bolade
Allen & Allen

How it works

Over the years we've discovered that the best way to demonstrate how each of our services works - and how they can be brought together into a fully integrated solution - is to outline a typical scenario which a client might be facing. This example covers a selection of our core services, but of course we can also built solutions which just contain one or more of these elements!

Let's look at how the Customer Service department of an organisation might use everymessage to keep customers informed on new terms and conditions which may affect them.

This change must not only be communicated, but also acknowledged by the customer. But the database contains email addresses for 60%, mobile numbers for 80% and just postal addresses for the remainder. Furthermore, some of the data also has a 'contact preference' method flagged against it.

With the everymessage workflow tool, it is simple to set up a rules-based communication process which takes all of these factors into account.

Process overview

  1. An initial communication method is determined for each record in the database. This will be the customer preference where specified, or where not specified, will start with a Mobile SMS message - as this is not only the most cost effective option, but also the one which is most likely to be delivered and read.
  2. If no mobile number is present on the database, the workflow tool can be set up to send an SPF or DKIM compliant email message, so that this actually arrives in the customer's email Inbox and is not marked as SPAM.
  3. Both the SMS and the email options will ask the customer to click a link to through to a secure website, set up using our Secure Exchange service. Here they can read and accept the new terms and conditions.
  4. This page can also be set up as a fully branded Mobile Microsite, giving the customer an interface where they can raise a query, click to receive a call back, or send an email to the customer service team.
  1. If only a postal address is available, these records will automatically default to our Print & Post service and a letter will be sent out to the customer. This can either include the Terms and Conditions, or can direct the customer to a website or Mobile Microsite to view and accept them using a unique reference number - in the same way as the email link outlined above would do.
  2. For customers where no mobile number or email address is present, this engagement is also an ideal opportunity to request additional data and preferred communication methods as part of the process. This can be captured via the microsite and automatically updated to the database.
  3. At the same time, a home number could also be captured, so that the customer can be recognised when they call in from this number, which assists with call routing. This number can then also be used for IVR based voice alerts if required, using our Voice Response service.
  4. Returned letters can also be tracked and the reason given by Royal Mail updated to the database, so that new details can be requested next time that customer calls in.

Of course this is just one business requirement, and everymessage can be used for a huge variety of other applications. For example, we assist the sales and marketing efforts of numerous different business types, and we support the finance and collections services provided by debt collection agencies and other financial departments.