Integrated IVR communication

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are now extremely sophisticated, and can be integrated into a complete everymessage solution, giving you yet another way of communicating with your customers.

Outbound calling

As an outbound calling tool, Voice Response can be integrated into the everymessage workflow. For example to provide an additional route of contact for a finance department or collections agency - in cases where there may be no valid mobile phone number available, which could otherwise be used for our Mobile SMS service.

If a landline phone number is available, then we can develop an automated process which calls the customer, delivers a pre-recorded message and then asks them to respond by either making a payment via the system, or by going through to speak to a live agent. And this service can of course be used with mobile numbers as well if you prefer.

90% of consumers

aged between 25 and 35

use a smartphone.


everymessage voice response service

Our sales managers are not technology whizzes, so everymessage allows them to manage campaigns effectively and in real time - and changing them as often as they like is a simple operation.

Harrison Bolade
Allen & Allen

Inbound calling

For inbound calling, Voice Response can be used to screen and funnel callers, to provide out of hours information and to confirm appointments. It can even be used to take payments or to complete customer service and marketing surveys.

This is an excellent way to improve the productivity of your call centre and to increase throughput by individual agents. And as we typically integrate our software with your existing hardware and processes, we can make a big difference with very little disruption.

While often used as a standalone service for inbound callers, Voice Response is just one extra way in which the everymessage solution can be expanded to provide you with even more communication channels, when it comes to making contact with your customers.