Fast, efficient document delivery

Sometimes you just need to get a document to someone as quickly as possible, and to know that they have read it. Email is of course the most common option, but if the information is sensitive - or for recipients whose address you don't have, or who simply don't use an email account on a regular basis - the quickest way to communicate with them is by text message.

However, with limited characters and space, even on the latest smartphones, sending vital information by text is not especially practical. Which is why we developed our secure document exchange system, Secure Exchange. It's more direct than email, and far quicker and cheaper than traditional mail.

How it works

This service enables you to send a link to a secure website where the document is stored, via an SMS message or email, and to be advised when it has been opened. And if the document needs added security - such as for statements of account or credit card bills - then the recipient is directed to a specially designed Mobile Microsite which requests their postcode and date of birth - or any other security questions that you choose to include.

Once these have been entered, they are able to read the document and to act upon it. For example, if the message is requesting an outstanding payment, then a 'Pay Now' link can also be embedded into both the SMS and the document - to increase the chances of the desired action being carried out.

Full reporting is received, so you know who got the text and who clicked the link, and your database is automatically updated with the outcome of any actions, such as a payment. What's more, if the document has not been read within a pre-determined timeframe, then you can set the system up so that our Print & Post service will automatically print it out and send it in the post for you.

everymessage secure exchange service

We're always looking to improve our postage costs, and everymessage Secure Exchange will enable us to do that, by corresponding with our customers electronically using a smartphone app.

Michael Bevan

Smartphone and tablet use is changing the way that businesses communicate with customers, especially in the Finance and Collections arena.

Read our fact sheet on how Secure Exchange is helping companies to adopt an omni-channel approach to communications.

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Tablet use for web browsing is expected to

exceed the smartphone

in 2014.