A hybrid communications process

Despite the development of online tool and mobile devices, sometimes it all comes down to a good old fashioned letter. Whether because you feel it's the approach which will generate the best response, or because a postal address is the only form of contact information that you hold!

What makes everymessage unique in the industry is our ability to integrate postal mailing services with digital communication to create a hybrid mail solution. Of course, we can run standalone postal mailing campaigns if you choose - managing every aspect of personalised printing, envelope stuffing and postage - but our ability to integrate these into a more complex communications workflow is where we really excel.

everymessage print & post service

We didn't have the infrastructure to deliver letters and texts, and the best option we found was everymessage. To find both facilities in one company is unusual. It's one point of contact that brought us through the whole process.

Phil Johnson
Cash Store

How it works

Let's say for example that you run a campaign using our Mobile SMS service, but your database holds records which have no phone numbers - or, after an initial broadcast, we discover a quantity of records where the mobile number is permanently invalid.

Using our sophisticated workflow tool you can automatically default that contact process to a letter - using pre-determined letter text, signature and stationery. The letter is automatically printed and posted when a mobile number fails or is not found, without you having to intervene in any way.

Key facts

  • Enable your staff press print on a document that's fulfilled remotely by our Print & Post service
  • See what was posted, when, and by whom, thanks to our detailed reporting
  • Manage user profiles to limit the quantity or type of mail that people can send
  • Save your staff from having to spend time stuffing envelopes and taking items to the post room
  • Allow us to send out documents and information packs on your behalf, so your agents can move on to the next customer
  • Take advantage of our overseas printing and fulfilment centres to minimise international postage costs
  • Get a true feel for your postage spend, by team, department or company