Collect payments more efficiently

Helping you to collect payments is a big part of what everymessage is brilliant at doing. All the customer interaction in the world is pointless, if what you really need them to do is pay their credit card arrears, make a rent payment or settle an outstanding debt.

Our Payment Automation service enables you to make a simple connection to the payment provider of your choice, and we already have integration in place with most of the largest payment gateways - including Sagepay, Realex and PayPoint. But of course, if you need us to work with other payment providers, then this can easily be arranged.

Payment Automation also integrates with our Mobile SMS service, making it possible for people to receive an SMS message and then make a payment in one smooth and seamless process, via three different methods:

  • Pay with a pre-registered card - if an existing payment card has already been tokenised by your system, they can simply confirm an instruction to 'pay now' and their card will be debited.
  • Pay with a new card - if no card is registered, or the card has expired, the recipient can be taken through to a specially designed mobile optimised web page, where they can set up a new card easily and then make the payment.
  • Pay with cash - if the recipient has no bank account or debit card, and prefers to pay by cash at a PayPoint, then we can automatically generate a unique PayPoint bar code which is then sent to them via an SMS Link.

everymessage payment automation service

With everymessage, we trust them. We've got a trust and a belief in them, that as we grow they will be our business partner for a long, long time.

Phil Johnson
Cash Store

The payment process can also be enhanced with our Secure Exchange service - whereby the original SMS can contain a link which enables the recipient to view a statement or other relevant documentation before making a payment.

This is a fully secure solution, as they can enter their date of birth and postcode - or any other security questions that you include - into a Mobile Microsite first, which ensures that the document cannot be downloaded by anyone who is not authorised to do so.