Intelligent interaction with your customers

Orbit is the new 'intelligent interaction' solution that is revolutionising communication and payments management for financial organisations around the UK.

Over the last few years, online communication has taken over from phone calls, to the extent where people typically now prefer not to speak on the phone at all - especially the younger generation. So while call centres, and later multimedia contact centres, have been the norm for many years - the most popular form of interaction is now via 'chat' using a variety of messaging apps, and in most cases where the customer is communicating via a mobile device.

This familiar means of communication, via a chat window with left and right hand speech bubbles, is now used for everything from SMS and iMessage to the likes of What'sApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger. Making it ideal for contact centre agents as it is familiar and efficient, and allowing them to communicate with customers in a way that also suits them - whether the conversation is initiated via SMS, web chat or even email.

In response to this change in consumer behaviour, everymessage has created Orbit - the new intelligent interaction facility for contact centre agents. A familiar interface to manage online chats with customers - specifically designed to enable financial institutions to make contact with customers more easily, and to facilitate a speedy payments process.

Orbit Interaction Illustration

Customer example

Orbit Intelligent Interaction was recently implemented by a major financial firm that specialises in credit cards for low credit score individuals. Across 50 agents, they have already seen a positive response rate increase of 33% over previous performance.



How it works

Orbit Interaction is far more than just a familiar interface of course – and it's the everymessage intelligence which goes on behind the scenes that really makes the difference. Here's an example of how it works:

  • During the course of the day, Orbit sends out a series of SMS or email messages to customers who have missed payments or overdue accounts
  • For security purposes, this message just asks them to respond with their date of birth, so that their identity can be verified
  • With standard conversations, or even where the date of birth is not given initially, Orbit can be programmed to respond automatically, as it has access to the customer's account data and can verify their identity before requesting a specific payment amount and providing details on how to make that payment
  • For non-standard responses - for example if the customer responds with an excuse, or sensitive syntax such as the words 'hospital', 'death', or 'struggle' - then the chat is automatically handed over to a live agent who can continue the conversation appropriately
  • An agreed number of these 'invitations' are allocated to each agent at a time, once the customer responds – and then the Orbit Intelligent Chat window is initiated so the agent can complete the conversation. We have found three to be the optimum number, but this can be set by the supervisor
  • Once all allocated conversations have been cleared by an agent, another set is provided
  • Orbit also prioritises messages with a faster initial response, as these customers are clearly more willing to engage and will be expecting a reply
  • Orbit has two modes of operation, either the longest wait or the shortest time to reply. As agents log on, Orbit automatically splits the agents so that the 'oldest' and 'fastest' conversations are handled first

The benefits of intelligent interaction

Because Orbit has access to account data and can verify a responder's identity, the entire conversation can be completely automated – meaning that around 70 to 80% of conversations can be completed without agent involvement. Once a date of birth is provided, Orbit can request payment and complete the transaction without any human interaction required – as long as the conversation can be carried out using a standard script.

The Orbit 'predicate and syntax' engine is incredibly complex, and can break up and scan a response for keywords which enable it to reply effectively - but this intelligence also gives it the ability to know when to defer a conversation to an agent, if it cannot respond effectively. Orbit can also send a link to a secure web chat facility, if the customer cannot communicate via other secure means – for example if they only use Facebook Messenger or What'sApp, which are not secure.

Agents can communicate with customers in a way that is familiar to both parties, and which presents an approachable and 'human' means of interaction – leading to a higher number of successful outcomes. They can also work from anywhere using the Orbit window, so do not need to be based in a physical contact centre.

Orbit can also be integrated with popular phone systems, enabling calls to be initiated from within a chat window, and inbound calls during a chat can be automatically routed to the agent who is managing that conversation.

Replay Client Facility Icon

'Replay Client' facility

All chats are monitored, both those involving agents and those which are handled entirely by Orbit Interaction. These entire conversations can then be reviewed by supervisors, to assess effectiveness and to determine which agents are achieving the best, and worst, results. What's even more interesting, because automated conversations can be reviewed as well, supervisors can also determine which conversations were most effective and why. This can inform future programming of scripts, and future advice to agents on how to manage chat sessions.