Two-way interaction with customers

SMS is an excellent tool for delivering any message - as it is not only immediate, but it also give the recipient control in terms of how and when they reply. We send millions of text messages for our clients each week, but the real benefit of the service we offer goes way beyond a simple broadcast.

Where everymessage differs is that we enable two way interaction. It's not about just sending the message, it's about getting a response for our customers and making their recipient take action - whether that's to make a payment, or simply just to get in touch or update their details.

And by integrating this with our Mobile Microsite development services, we can also ensure that the process of completing the desired action is simple, to encourage an immediate resolution.

From our own client experience, we have seen collections rates increasing by more than 20% - and where Mobile SMS is used as part of an appointment reminder system, attendance has also increased by more than 20%.

everymessage mobile sms service

Working with everymessage on SMS services has not only improved our costs, but the seamless integration enabled us to improve response rates from customers as well.

Michael Bevan

Key facts

  • For UK traffic we only use UK carriers, to meet compliance guidelines and to ensure fast, reliable delivery and accurate reporting
  • Detailed carrier Host Location Register (HLR) reporting allows us to ascertain the exact failure reason for every non-delivered message
  • When permanently invalid numbers are identified, these can be cleansed from your databases using our workflow tool
  • Our system can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Salesforce and many other applications
  • We have access to local numbers in most countries, for international two way communications capability
  • Where SMS fails due to a ceased number, customer contact can be automatically escalated to another delivery channel such as email or our Print & Post service