Make it easy for customers to act

At everymessage, we develop a wide range of custom designed Mobile Microsites - some as part of an integrated solution, and some as a standalone tool to meet our clients' requirements. And all backed up with detailed reporting if appropriate, so you know what's making the difference.

The core aim of our entire service suite is to enable you to generate two way communication with your customers. And in the main, we know that you are looking for them to act as a result of this communication. Whether that's by making a payment, confirming an appointment, making a purchase or something else entirely.

Whatever it might be, we've learned over the years that you have far more chance of getting the response you want if it's incredibly easy for the recipient to act straight away, and not to think that they will 'do it later' and then forget. And the best way to make that happen is to integrate specially designed Mobile Microsites.

Keeping the customer engaged

Let's take a debt collection agency or finance department that is hoping to get a customer to make a payment.

everymessage services

Security is paramount to our business as we handle client data, and that needs to be kept secured at all times - and everymessage provided the solution we required, in order for us to do that.

Michael Bevan
  1. You send a text message using our Mobile SMS service, to request that they get in contact or make a payment - and this is received and opened.
  2. You include a secure link to a copy of their latest statement, so they can see exactly what they owe, via our Secure Exchange service - and this is opened and read.
  3. You include a 'Pay Now' link in both the SMS and the statement - which they click on, fully intending to make the payment.

At this point, the Mobile Microsite can make all the difference between receiving that payment today, and them forgetting about it for weeks, until the next time they are chased.

If it's incredibly easy for them to complete the payment then and there, the chances are they will do so.

That could be by clicking a 'Pay Now' button, to pay using a pre-registered card, or by entering new card details securely and seamlessly within the microsite.

Or they can even click a button and instantly receive a unique PayPoint barcode via an SMS link.

If they are directed away from this environment, to a third party payment website or their own bank - anywhere in fact where they have to start the process again, and often using a site that is not optimised for mobile devices - this is where they give up, and all your hard work is lost! Which is why we firmly believe that developing Mobile Microsites is an essential component of the services we offer.

Advanced solutions

Beyond this, we can also develop entire Mobile Applications, which are more suited to repeat or continuous customers. For example, where you might need to keep them up to date with statements, and so it is in the customer's interest to download and install an application.

In these situations, alerts can also be managed securely from within application, rather than as an SMS. We're happy to discuss your exact requirements in more detail, and then to develop bespoke apps for these types of situations.