Why Direct Mail still has a place in 2014

Why Direct Mail still has a place in 2014

Of course, there are numerous digital channels available to the modern marketer, but sometimes 'the old ones are the best' - whether because of your target audience profile, or simply because you don't have the right data to make any other type of approach.

We'll be honest, the background detail for the following thoughts did come from the Royal Mail, but we do think it's quite a persuasive argument! And with our workflow tools and our Print & Post service to hand - you can send different communication pieces via different methods - all from within the same campaign, and all using the same database. Which simplifies your campaign management and saves you money as well.

Mail is a powerful communication medium which can get your message straight into the hands of your customers - and along with a sample or a coupon, it gets your product there too. Here are some Royal Mail stats which may convince you to consider Direct Mail as part of your next campaign:

  • More than 92% of direct mail is opened
  • 18% of direct mail is kept to look at again
  • 48% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail last year
    • 14.2m bought something
    • 10.5m used a voucher or coupon
    • 2.8m tried a new product or service
    • 3m made an enquiry by phone
  • 90% of consumers read catalogues sent to them
  • 70% go online after receiving catalogues
  • Nearly 18m people ordered from mail order catalogues or their associated websites in the past 12 months
    • 43% online
    • 30% by post
    • 25% by telephone

When integrated with other advertising channels, Direct Mail can becomes even more powerful. According to BrandScience research, the online component of campaigns pays back 62% more and the TV component pays back 37% more when there is direct mail in the mix. On average, direct mail pushes up return on investment from £2.81 to £3.40 for every £1 spent. So taking all of the above into account, it seems like there is definitely a place for Direct Mail as part of an integrated campaign.

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