Reduced costs on postage to Poland

Reduced costs on postage to Poland

We are pleased to report that integration is complete with Inforsys Poland for remote printing of letters in-country, which will reduce international postage rates for UK customers and speed up the delivery time of documents.

Typically, a letter sent from the UK to Poland would cost £1 postage plus the production costs, and depending on route could take up to five days to be delivered. Using our Print & Post service, letters are now printed next day in-country and generally delivered within two days, at approximately 50% of the UK postage charges - which includes all of the production elements.

Breaking down the borders or restrictions for mail is nothing new for everymessage. We serve customers in Germany and Sweden already, where they print from the desktop to the UK and save thousands each month in international postage. Other destinations can served by our international print partners in the following countries:

  • USA, three locations
  • Toronto,
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Germany and Holland, for Mainland Europe
  • Johannesburg, for the whole south of Africa
  • Mumbai, for India
  • Singapore, for the Malaysian area
  • Brisbane, for Australia 
  • Shenzhen, for China

If you would like more information or are looking to send a large volume of letters to other international destination please call us on 0844 264 1234 or email