New privacy rules in Australia

New privacy rules in Australia

Starting on 12th March 2014, new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) will replace the existing National Privacy Principles and Information Policy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988. As everymessage is a company that facilitates the transmission of data between you and your end users, we have a strong interest in doing what we can to assist your compliance with the new rules.

We strongly advise that you should seek advice to ensure compliance with the new APPs. For a summary of the changes and the privacy fact sheet, please refer to the OAIC website using the following link:

For clarity, our role with respect to personal information, in relation to the new APPs, is as follows:

In our relationship, you, the everymessage customer, are the collector of data. We receive this data from you and process it, with the result being a text message on your recipient's mobile device. Because everymessage is not the data collector, most of the APPs do not directly apply to us. Aside from an end user telephone number, we do not knowingly handle any personal information on your end users.

What you, as our customer, choose to include in the body of text messages delivered by everymessage is entirely up to you. Where reasonable to do so, we will use our best endeavours to assist you in satisfying your obligations under privacy or data protection laws - to comply with an end user's request for access to, or correction of, their personal information.

Logs are stored on our computer systems or databases, which may involve storing data on storage or computer systems provided by our or third party suppliers. Keep in mind, also, that the system you use to connect to the everymessage platform should be configured to contain and store all of the data that you pass on to everymessage.

We take steps to securely store Logs so they are protected from unauthorised use, access, modification or disclosure. This includes both physical and electronic security measures. We regularly review the security of our systems used. Any Logs disclosed may only be used for the purposes detailed above.

Please call us on 0844 264 1234 or email if you have any questions regarding our role with respect to the new privacy regulations.