Building and delivering great mobile experiences

Building and delivering great mobile experiences

In a recent article, we were pleased to note that Forrester believes 'Building and delivering great mobile experiences' will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. Which of course is something we've been saying for ages here at everymessage!

In the full article, Ted Schadler and John McCarthy - vice presidents and principal analysts at Forrester Research, as well as both being serving CIOs - debate the need for a 'Mobile Center of Excellence' within a business. Not something that everyone can manage of course, but certainly something to aspire to, and to factor in when building marketing campaigns.

Our Mobile Microsite service enables you to guarantee the best possible mobile experience for your customers - making it easy for them to respond and to take whatever action you would like them to - whether that's to make a payment, update their details or simply get in touch. Your own mobile centre of excellence, brought to you by everymessage!

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