Why do you need everymessage?

As individuals, we're all fairly capable of choosing the right way to get in touch. An email for a work colleague, a letter for grandma, or picking up the phone to chat to a friend. But as businesses, we often fail in this most basic task - sending emails to people who never go online or texts to mobiles that have long since misplaced their owners. All of which leads to lost customers and missed sales at every turn.

We believe that it's no longer enough to offer multiple communication channels and to assume that your customers will pick the one that works best for them. Instead, you need to be actively maintaining your customer relationships, using secure two way communications processes.

How do we do it?

We work with your existing databases, email systems and payment processing. Your customers can even switch channels - e.g. SMS to mobile web or email - mid-transaction, and our system will handle it smoothly. Everyone is on the same page, wherever they are in the world, as our system provides real time updates and detailed reporting.

Our product development team is made up of engineers and programmers who are passionate about cutting edge innovations in communications and IT. We don't expect our customers to share our geeky love for the technologies that drive our systems, but if you want to know more, please do ask!

everymessage why us

Everymessage will certainly save us significant sums of money on simple things that we don't need to spend money on. But more importantly, they will give us the ability to grow.

Chris Millington
Doro UK & Ireland

The tablet's share of web traffic

grew 300%

in 2013.