About everymessage

Our company started life in 2003 with the aim of creating user-friendly software solutions that would make it easier for our call centre customers to log calls, send mail shots and collect data - which in turn would improve their response rates and make each worker more efficient.

Communications technology has evolved rapidly since then. Who would have thought that, just ten years later, over 70% of the UK population would have a mobile phone that was smarter than most early desktops? So today, we aim to provide our customers with a constantly evolving suite of services which allows them to manage a wide range of communications channels via one central software tool.

Over the years we've helped clients like TV Licensing, BAA and many debt collection agency customers to adjust to the rapid changes which their communications teams have faced. As email, mobile phones, SMS, MMS and online chat arrived, we integrated each new technology into our system - but all of the reasons why we set up the business initially haven't changed. We're still working to help you communicate with confidence, and to make your business more profitable.

The Age of the Customer

The Forrester Blog, Age of the Customer, helps companies to understand more about the process of meeting their customers' needs at any point of impact - to enable simple and effective communication across multiple business purposes. From Finance and Collections and Customer Service to Sales & Marketing departments, all business areas need to grasp the importance of engaging with their customers in a way that is appropriate for them - which is what everymessage does brilliantly!

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With every new client, we go out of our way to understand their business fully, and that enables us to adopt a consultative approach, and offer them services that mean they can gain a long-term benefit.

Dan Birchmore
Operations Director

Real world solutions

To see how our solutions can work together to solve your communication challenges, click the link to view a simple explanation of how a finance department or debt collection agency might use our services to generate more payments.