Intelligent Interaction

We understand that successful businesses need to engage with their customers across all channels - whether SMS, MMS, email, web chat, post or phone calls.

To make this possible, our solutions have been developed to help you build communications processes which 'close the loop' and lead to your desired outcome - whether that's a payment, a specific response or simply a re-initiation of contact.

We provide a bespoke communication system for each of our clients - built from the individual services we offer and managed via an intelligent, rules-based workflow system. These services include:

Orbit Interaction

Allowing your customers to communicate with you, in a way that is familiar to them.
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Mobile SMS

Enabling two way interaction with your customers, and helping you to get the result you need.
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Payment Automation

Giving your customers the ability to pay their bills from anywhere on any device, simply and securely.
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Print & Post

Integrating traditional postal mailings with online and mobile customer engagement processes.
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Voice Response

Enabling automated inbound and outbound interaction, to expand your communication routes.
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Secure Exchange

Sending secure document links via SMS and email, for fast and cost effective results.
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Mobile Microsites

Allowing your customers to engage with you more effectively and immediately, on mobile or tablet.
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How everymessage works
in the real world

We know it can be hard to grasp the benefits that everymessage can deliver, so we thought it might help to give you a real-world example. Click the link to see a simple explanation of how a finance department or debt collection agency might use our services to generate more payments.
Finance and Collections scenario

A Trusted Partner for

Paladin Commercial Credit Management is an international debt collection agency. With expertise in debt recovery, sales ledger management and litigation, the company assists a wide range of businesses to improve their cash flow.

Michael BevanWatch video

Working with everymessage on SMS services has not only improved our costs, but the seamless integration enabled us to improve response rates from customers as well.

Michael Bevan
Paladin Commercial Credit Management